Secret Songs: the less you know, the better

By: Meghan O’Neil
Photos by: Ryan O’Toole

‘See Cret-Songs’ sent a Facebook friend request to me at the beginning of June. This was the start of a hush-hush music festival, which would be whispered about around the city.

I browsed his/her Facebook page on and off for a couple of days before I received a message on June 4.

“I hear you’ve heard of my existence and seek to know more. All in good time.”

I chose not to reply. I’d been hearing different people around the city guessing at who was responsible, and I was sure all the answers would be unveiled soon. I was wrong.

‘Secret Songs’ ran from June 18 to 22. The locations and acts were kept secret, despite some social media clues along the way. The clues came in the form of videos and riddles.

For those who couldn’t crack the codes, the locations were unveiled two hours prior to each show. Some of the venues included UNB’s Memorial Hall, Wilmot Park, Reneu Boutique and Yarns on York.

Cedric Noel of Redwood Fields (photo credit: Ryan O'Toole)

Cedric Noel of Redwood Fields (photo credit: Ryan O’Toole)

I spoke to one of the female festival organizers on the phone and keeping with the theme, she stayed anonymous.

“There’s so much amazing music in Fredericton, but those are all bands who play here frequently and we wanted to make it interesting,” she said over the phone.

“When we first came up with the idea, we sat down and brainstormed our dream list. Who would we have if everyone said yes, and approached the people we knew the best first and built a momentum,” said the anonymous organizer.

“The bigger the list got, the more people were happy to jump on board.”

The line up included acts like Motherhood, Kurtis Eugene, Will Pacey, Whale Skin, The Floogs and Margo Margo.

Cedric Noel is the front man of local alt-pop Redwood Fields who played in the Wilmot Park gazebo Thursday night of the festival.

“Keeping in mind that the location of the shows were kept secret until two hours before the show, the turnouts appeared to be pretty good.”

The organizer I spoke with said herself and the team were “a little worried about [turnout]” since all the details were kept under wraps, but she said it was a “matter of finding the right balance.”

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