The Shifty Bits Circus To Hit Fredericton in Early June

Local band Motherhood wants to say thank you to Fredericton. Fredericton Locals and Gallery Connexion present the Shifty Bits Circus, a three-day music festival curated entirely by Motherhood. The festival is to be held at Gallery Connexion June 8th to 10th, and will showcase some of the best of Fredericton and the Maritimes. Featuring bands such as The Waking Night, Quaker Parents, The Shorty Tubbs, Year of Glad and more. One of the organizers Kaylee Stevens says, “it’s a big thank you to Fredericton, because so many people come to our shows so faithfully and support the local music scene here.”

The festival will have two nights of music, and will also have a fair component that’ll be held just outside of Gallery Connexion. The fair will showcase some the local arts scene. Along with various displays by different visual artists, the fair will feature a vinyl swap, where vinyl collectors will be able to show off their prized possessions and maybe find the missing record to their collection. There will also be a clothes swap, road hockey and some live acoustic music. Stevens says its been a goal for while to bring together music and visual art, and that the fair is a good opportunity to do so.

Another big component of the festival is that it is entirely all ages, something festival organizer and Motherhood frontman Brydon Crain says is important for the all ages scene because kids don’t always have the opportunity to go to shows in the city. “A big part of it for me is just that I’ve wanted something for Fredericton, and specifically for younger scene in Fredericton, because there are a lot of good bands that might not be playing your favourite festival this year.”

Both Stevens and Crain say they’re excited to see the acts they chose perform and that they’d like to make the event an annual one, but that’ll depend on how successful this year’s festival end’s up being. Either way, the festival is non-profit, and organizers have pledged to use any proceeds raised from this event to fund similar events in the future.

Passes are available at Cafe Loka, Backstreet Records, and Reneu Boutique. Or you can find a Motherhood member and buy one from them.


June 8th -8:00 pm – 2:00 am: (Jordan Doucet, Shorty Tubbs, David R. Elliott and the Novellas, Maiden Names, Yellowteeth, Jon McKiel, Quaker Parents, Motherhood)

June 9th -1:00 pm – 4:00 pm: THE FAIR (busking by Jordan Doucet, David R. Elliott, and Brydon Crain)

4:00 – 7:00 pm (David R. Elliott, Eugene, Redwood Fields, Baby Eagle)

8:45 pm – 12:00 am (The Ray Finkles, Enjoy Your Pumas, Year of Glad, Astral Gunk, The Waking Night)

June 10th: -Hangover Day-Doors open at 9

10:00 am – 11:30 am (local film screenings and breakfast by Cafe Loka)

11:30 am – Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2


Line up:

Motherhood (Fredericton)
The Waking Night (Fredericton)
 Maiden Names (Fredericton)
Quaker Parents (Halifax)
Jon Mckiel (Halifax)
David R. Elliott & The Novellas (Fredericton/St. John)
Baby Eagle (Sackville)
Year of Glad (Montreal)
Eugene (Fredericton)
Yellowteeth (Sackville)
Astral Gunk (Sackville)
Jordan Doucet (Halifax/St. John)
The Shorty Tubbs (Fredericton)
Redwood Fields (Fredericton)
Enjoy Your Pumas (Winnipeg)
The Ray Finkles (Fredericton)



Friday Pass – $12 at the door

Saturday Pass (not including the fair) – $15 at the door

Fair admission – $2 at the door

Hangover Day – Free, but breakfast is not included

WEEKEND PASS – $20 beforehand, $25 at the door. This pass includes admission to every show, the fair, and hangover day, but breakfast is not included. You will also receive Motherhood’s Desert Thieves EP, The Waking Night’s Old Sun EP, a hand-made weekend pass collage, and a cool Shifty Bits Sticker.

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