The art of unity

By: Jake Robinson

For all of us looking for a little bit more artistic spice within our city limits, I think its a good idea to check out 10 Ans D’urgence.

The show brings together a number of Franco-Canadian artists, the collective who call themselves ATSA (Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable), who look to find meaning and inspiration through social activism and festival-oriented social gatherings. They explore the ways in which art can be used as a tool for survival and a mechanism for change in today’s world.

The self-declared tagline for their show: the Manifestival draws attention to times when art in our culture takes the drivers seat on the road to social change, when a work becomes fluidly and seamlessly meshed with activism and social initiative.

Times like these include the Etat D’urgence festivals/protests which have been taking place in Montreal for more than ten years.

So come on folks let’s get our Occupy shirts on and head on over.


Photo Credit: Cara Smith


Photo Credit: Cara Smith


Photo Credit: Cara Smith

The multidisciplinary exhibition is now open at Gallery Connexion on York street, running until Sept. 3.
Check out the Facebook page for more info, or check out the gallery’s website.


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