Post-Partem Depression: Circus 2 is over

by Penelope Stevens and the Shifty Bits Cult


If you ever wonder about who your friends are, whether small towns rule or not, or if human nature is innately selfish, just put on a music festival. You’ll find that everyone is your friend, small towns rule, human nature is innately benevolent, and change is always within reach. That’s what we learned, at least.

We won’t simplify all the weird and good things that happened July 25th-28th. To us, it was just a little blur of heaven, a snippet of the musician afterlife, if such a place exists. That, really, is a compliment we pay to you, because your presence at the Circus paid into that dream-come-true. Thank-you.

Last year, we had a lot of help. It was awesome and meaningful and all that. But this year, we had hordes of people show up, largely unannounced. We didn’t ask for the help we got, we couldn’t have even dreamed for it. That tells us that the Shifty fever is contagious.

We had professional media teams that worked for free all weekend long. We had people solving problems for us before they even reached our ears, giving us ideas and the means to accomplish them. We had people building tipis and billboards and promoting us on the radio and live-painting and everything! Anyway, you know how thankful we are and you know for a fact that we couldn’t have done it without you. No need for excessive flattery here, we’re just very lucky to have you all around us (and likewise, I’m sure).


Savington Bucks: “My interview on CHSR; Partying on top of my trailer with Aunty Panty playing a set inside on King. St at 2 am.”

Pierre Von Biscuit: The tipi/raft; Aunty Panty being pulled around downtown Fredericton in a trailer; CROSSS; Pabst Tall Cans; the great crowds; glitter”

Brrryyy: “..Dragging the trees down the river with mighty Marc; playing with Cap III; Every band I saw was awesome.”

Les Dixon: “INSTRUMENTS f*ckin’ rocked; Construction + Destruction put on 2 great sets; Aunty Panty brought some great noise our way; Foxwitches and Ultra Magnus holding down the beats; Breaking in the tipi twice – BC bud with a BC bud; blur…”

Actual Dixon: “The raw energy of CROSSS; Ray Finkles, Redwood, the Belles and Floogs reppin’ Freddy hard in the Wilsers; All the support from the city.”

Spikeman: “The couple-few hours of sleep.”

High Priestess: “Aunty Panty playing in the trailer on Saturday night. I got to drive the vehicle, and seeing drunk I-Rock ladies ditching their heels and questionable suitors to chase two riot girls in nightgowns was really my best dream; that, and INSTRUMENTS and CROSSS and FFF; And no cops; And getting rafted down the St. John River like the queen I long to be.”

S(L)amm: Sunday morning hangover show was the best way ever to end the amazing weekend; The sun was the hottest thing ever and we had about 30 coffees delivered; David R and Mike Trask totally killed it in the chillest, most down to earth way possible, and Gianna Lauren played a lovely lil’ set in the grand tipi. I want a sunday hangover show every week.”

Freeze: Cap III + Motherhood; Having Quaker Parents come up from Halifax to play us some of the strangest/ most wonderful music being made on the East Coast; Seeing the Floogs take complete control over everyone in Wilsers.

Kihn Serpent: Friday turned into Saturday turned into Sunday and the Titty Bits Circus was one long deep-fried, surreal musty musical orgy. Eleven hours of Aunty Panty on a deck of cards and a bloke who wouldn’t stop grinding his teeth, as he was too happy, was only one of the Polaroids I found in my back pocket, stuck in-between a few cigars.”


We made a profit and this is what we’ll do (if it’s alright with you).

The Cult has the opportunity in September 2013 to take possession of an incredible jam space that we can rent-to-own. This space is large enough to house a permanent jam-space for multiple bands, recording gear, art and production studio, and there is even a big farming field. It’s a 15 minute drive from downtown. The opportunities with a space like this are really endless, and we think we can make the most of it. We plan to use our profit from the Circus to cover 50% of our rent for the first four months of our lease at the jam space (the rest will come out of our pockets). We don’t feel it’s necessary to save money from this year’s Circus for next year, because we plan to make profit again next year too (we only had $0.02 to put toward this year’s edition, and it all turned out okay). Without the Circus’ profit, rent alleviation, possession of the jam space would be very difficult (we’re all broke and in debt).

We’re excited about the things we can do in this space: self-record, improve on our own instruments, make new bands, create art, maybe even press our own vinyl some day! Cool. After we’ve finished with the Motherhood and the Waking Night LP releases, we’ll quickly be moving on to other recording endeavours and pipe dreams in the jam space. It’s a glimpse into the future and it looks bright as far as we can see. And we’re willing to share (message the Cult to talk more about it).

All good things on the Cult end. Thanks for coming to the Shifty Bits Circus 2: The Bits is Back. Without every thing and person and band, it wouldn’t have been exactly what it was. This year is going to be a big one for Fredericton. Go make a new band that can play at the third Circus. Yes, there will be a third.

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