Slow, Hot and Sweaty

It was all up in the air. literally.

It was Thursday evening of the Harvest Jazz & Blues festival, and rain was pouring down in sheets while thunder crashed non-stop. JJ Grey & Mofro and the World Party in the Blues tent was postponed for 30 minutes while Gypsophilia and STU Jazz in the Mojo tent had been cancelled.

The refresh keys on laptops around the city were getting a work out while fans waited to hear word from organizers via social media. In 140 characters or less, Harvest came through informing fans they had the go-ahead from Environment Canada to start the night.

The skies were certainly grey, but if nothing else, it was bluesy weather.


Water, water everywhere.

From puddles on the ground to sweat on foreheads, not to mention beers in hand, Thursday night’s Harvest Jazz & Blues didn’t go dry.

John “JJ” Grey took the stage in a ‘70s-style mustard polo and brown pants. He had white hair, but in a stylish way which seemed intentional. His goatee wrapped around his chin and soul patch.

Very fitting for a man singing with as much soul as you could imagine.

JJ Grey & Mofro had their first release in 2001 with Blackwater and another album to follow in 2004. Since 2007, they released an album almost every year.

They seemed to favor their 2010 release, Georgia Warhorse. The album featured collaborations with Derek Trucks of the Tedeschi Trucks Band and Kings of Leon’s Angelo Petraglia.

“Cause I was born with a smile and a heart of stone. See I’m a Georgia warhorse and I ain’t easy to kill,” chanted JJ Grey.


The tent was full enough that bumping into sweaty bodies was unavoidable. Stepping over puddles was also impossible, as they’d formed into small lakes.

Though the water didn’t cool anything down.

“Slow hot and sweaty, turn it on. Slow hot and sweaty, baby let go,” sang JJ Grey.

By: Meghan O’Neil
Photo: Cara Smith

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