Gov’t Mule: a religious experience

Jam band, Gov’t Mule, were like preachers in the Blues Tent.

They formed in 1994 as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody. Haynes stood on the stage, beneath green lights, and swayed to the sounds around him.

There was something undeniably holy about Haynes. Fans crowded the stage and looked up at him like he had something to teach.

Haynes was Neil Young-like as he strummed his guitar with little regard anything around him. He didn’t stray far from his spot on stage, but he wasn’t standing still.

Guitar techs were running back and forth on stage, a man began howling like a wolf in the off-beat, but nothing phased Haynes. Chaos was his calm.

Gov’t Mule has released eight studio album and countless EPs. Their bluesy rock was impossible to stand still to.

“Captivate yourself you’re the only one who can help you now. With your cartoon savior by your side… You think you know something but you don’t know nothing. Everybody knows that death is larger than life,” sang Haynes.


By: Meghan O’Neil
Photos: Tom Bateman
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