The Avetts keep it all in the family

The Avett Brothers played a sold out show Thursday night.

It was their second consecutive time playing the Harvest Jazz & Blues festival and there were no complaints. Scott and Seth Avett, the brothers, stood side by side at the front of the stage. Fans were hopping over puddles to get the best view, trying to see between the heads in front of them.

The Brothers favored their 2009 album I and Love and You, playing hits like “January Wedding,” “Kick Drum Heart” and “Slight Figure of Speech.”

Scott Avett was the one to watch. Walking in his spot to the beat, his hair was swinging back and forth. Seth acted as the anchor, keeping the pair on solid ground.

When the opening strums of “Murder in the City” hit people’s ears, there was a collective cheer.

“I wonder which brother is better, which one our parents love the most. I sure did get in lots of trouble. They seemed to let the other go.”

The brother’s harmonies met and mingled throughout the tune.

“Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing. Like the love that let us share our name.”

The crowd repeated this line with the Avett Brothers the end.


By: Meghan O’Neil
Photos: Cara Smith
Check out photos (click to enlarge) from Thursday night’s Harvest Jazz & Blues.
The Avett Brothers, Hey Rosetta!, Coyote.

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