Ben Caplan: Organized chaos

Everyone was waiting for Ben Caplan.

The all-ages Barracks Tent on Sat, Sept 14 was packed. The younger fans were shoulder to shoulder in front, while the older crowd stood back with beers in hand. But no matter what the age, the buzz around Ben Caplan was loud.

The crowd began cheering as the backing band, the Casual Smokers, slowly filtered on and off the stage to set up. After a brief introduction, Caplan walked up to the mic. His pinstripe suit jacket and button-up shirt was juxtaposed with unruly curly hair and long beard.

His sound was a mixture of both the rough and the well kept.

Sitting behind a piano, he gave the audience a preview of his upcoming album. The sound was Tom Waits-esque, featuring a rough but controlled voice.

Caplan’s eyes seemed to follow you no matter where you were in the crowd. Like the Mona Lisa, it was as if he wanted to see who was watching him.

He played nearly every track from his 2011 full-length album In The Time Of The Great Remembering.

Upbeat songs like “Seed of Love” and “Beautiful” had the best reaction. The crowd kept time by stomping their feet on the muddy ground.

“When it rains it pours, there’ll be watery days in store. Growing in pools right there on the floor, flowing downstairs and out the door,” growled Caplan.


By: Meghan O’Neil
Photos: Cara Smith
Check out photos (click to enlarge) from Saturday night’s Harvest Jazz & Blues.
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