Q&A- Benjamin Ross of The Belle Comedians

Photos: Cara Smith

Described as melodic folk rock with a lot of heart, The Belle Comedians made the move to a quiet P.E.I town to focus on songwriting. The band played their last hometown show Fri, Oct. 4 but aren’t taking Fredericton completely off the table in their future.

The Belles’ frontman, Benjamin Ross, talks with Fredericton Locals about the band’s beginning, his soft spot for the a local venue and what’s next for the group.


How do you feel like the band has grown since the beginning?

We’ve been together for more than 4 years now, although the current lineup is just over two years old. The shifts in members definitely change the dynamics of the group. We’re writing different sorts of songs now, and experimenting with different ways to go about the process of creating music. The Belles are collecting lots of gear and using different sounds all the time.


What were some of your favourite shows to play?

It’s hard to single out favourite shows, honestly. Every time we get to share the stage with friends or play our music for strangers is a beautiful time. Shows at the Capital, though, always stand out to me as being the most enjoyable ones to play.


Why the move to PEI?

Well, we chose to uproot and make the move to PEI for a few reasons. We had been on the hunt for a quiet place to really just focus and work full time on our first album. It turned out that we were able to move into Willow’s family’s cottage for the first few months in the fall, and then move down the road to a beautiful old farmhouse for the rest of the winter.

Cost was one of the motivating factors. Since we really wanted to just focus on music, we chose to give up the employed life – for now, anyway – and so we needed some cheap digs. Everything worked out on that end and we’re all looking forward to a winter on PEI full of writing and demo-ing.


What are the Belles future plans.. a move back to Fredericton? What’s next?

Hm, the FUTURE? Plans change weekly, if not daily. Keep checking back! Who knows, you might see us scoundrels roaming around Fredericton again someday…


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