My Neighbourhood: Little Pieces

“There are stories all around us and as photographers, it is our job to try and capture stories in the images we take. Sometimes the story an image tells is blatantly obvious while other times the story is left completely open to interpretation by the viewer. My interest in interpretation has led me here, to the first in a series of collections that explore my neighbourhood, the world I live in and the hidden worlds I continue to discover.

One of the defining traits of my neighbourhood is the numerous signs and posters announcing upcoming events. There’s a lot that happens in our small city. If you’re out on foot or even on a bike, you’d be hard pressed not to take notice of upcoming concerts, fundraisers, gala events and the like. There is a poster for everything, or so it seems. But while posters often go up all over town, they don’t all come down. At least not entirely. Little pieces often remain on poles and poster boards. And these little pieces convey their own message for us to interpret as we see fit. Please enjoy these Little Pieces.”

© Matt Carter Photography 2013


















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