Shifty Bits Circus – Vinyl and Clothes Swap with Backstreet Records and Reneu Boutique

Backstreet Records has just announced their eager participation in the Shifty Bits Circus, by way of a snazzy vinyl swap. Alongside Backstreet Records, local vintage haven, Reneu Boutique will have a clothes swap up and running. Eric Hill, overlord of Fredericton’s Backstreet Records, has explained how it will work:

“Backstreet Records is proud to participate in the inaugural SHIFTY BITS CIRCUS.

On June 9th, we’ll be peopling a vinyl swap & sales table at the Shifty Bits Fair.

The sales booth part’ll be fairly straightforward…the swap part is where you get to play a little.  If you bring in vinyl records we’ll assess and rate them on a scale of 0-5, then grant equivalent credit to swap for new (to you) vinyl.  Who knows what treasures you might find?!

For ease, we’d love if you could drop-off your vinyl offerings at Gallery Connexion well BEFORE the event…so we can start the day ready & able to offer trades aplenty.  Bring them in, fill out a slip with your name / phone # / and email, and we’ll have your credit sitch figured when you arrive at the fair.  Even if you can’t make the event and have vinyl you’d like to purge, this is a fab way to support a fun endeavour.

If you have questions you can e-mail us at or call (506) 458-8832 or Megan McKay at Gallery Connexion / (506) 454-1433

We’ll be sharing the space with our sistah shop, ReNeu Boutique…who’ll be offering up clothing swappy goodness. If you want to take part, limit your swapables to a bag (smaller than a bread box)…and ensure these clothes could not be confused with cleaning rags. Bring ‘em on the day…and take one piece for every one brought. If you’d rather not swap…there’ll be sellables as well…and affordable (or potentially FREE) merch aplenty. Yay? YAY!!”


Megan McKay from Gallery Connexion has also agreed to set up a DIY screen-printing table. If you have old T-shirts that you want to spruce up, bring it along, and for a small fee of $3, Megan will assist you in screen-printing a cool design on your shirt. Bring your own shirt or object (or buy one from Reneu!) to screen-print, and learn this invaluable trade!

The Shifty Bits Circus is very interested in having YOU participate in the fair, in any way you know how to. Can you pop wheelies on a unicycle? Do you have paintings you would like to sell? Can you make a mean batch of brownies? Are you a talented poet? Or perhaps you’d want to set up a sketch booth, and draw the passers-by. Pretty much anything goes. There’s no fee to set up a booth, so if you’re interested in participating, let us know by e-mail at

Reneu and Backstreet (and Cafe Loka) are  NOW selling weekend passes to the entire Shifty Bits Circus, June 8th – 10th, 2012, at Gallery Connexion. For only $20, you can gain access to 3 days of music, comedy, film screenings, vinyl swaps, and more! We’ll also give you a Motherhood EP and a Waking Night EP with the purchase of a weekend pass! The passes look like this:



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