Pre-Pop ends on a high with Hannah Georgas

Photos: Cara Smith

The Capital’s Pre-Pop week ended on Saturday with Ontario’s Hannah Georgas. After warning the crowd she had a cold, she effortlessly played songs from her new self-titled album and old favourites from 2010′s This Is Good.

The set seemed to end to early as the crowd was still cheering for more. Georgas was heavy on electronics and had a fuller sound that her previous acoustic shows, supporting her 2010 album. In between these albums she also gained more stage experience on Canadian alt-country rocker Kathleen Edwards’ four-month international tour. Georgas was a part of Edwards’ back up band and opened the shows with her own set.

There was a definite change in Georgas’ demeanour on stage. Despite her cold, her voice echoed to the back of the bar. She was confident and relaxed behind the mic and around her bandmates. After the show, the crowd lined up at the merch table praising her for a great night.





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