ReNeu Boutique Welcomes Back The Famines

Photos by Cara Smith
Show Reviewed by Hayden Wheeler of Goofetroope

Based out of Edmonton and Montreal, The Famines, featuring Raymond Biesinger and Garrett Kruger came to ReNeu Boutique to give us a taste of sweet, sweet noise-garage. They’ve been kicking since 2008, and have been in the scene for much longer than that.

Biesinger used to play with the The Vertical Struts, and Kruger with The Wolfnote. Garrett runs an independent record distribution company called “Put Out The Jams” on the side.

ReNeu was full of eager fans, both for The Famines and the bands that where on the bill, including Motherhood, Wild Domestic, and Goofetroope. Wild Domestic (even when faced with car troubles) played an amazing set. The intimacy of having two drummers was incredible, and the progressive rock that they played was obviously well rehearsed. Even through complex polyrhythms and changing time signatures, the five piece stayed in perfect unison. Delivering a mathematic and almost breakbeat inspired rock, Wild Domestic communicated an intense and complex idea in a very pretty language.

When asked how long it’s been since you’ve seen Motherhood play, it’s practically Frederictonian law to respond, “too long”. The set from our shifty friends was rock solid as always, demonstrating emotive rock in a way that is dirty, simplistic, fresh, and interesting.

By the time The Famines came out, it was time to add some more volume to the Tuesday night show. The set was dirty and gritty in all the right ways. Loud, immersive, and noisy garage was seemingly effortlessly delivered by The Famines, who were quite thoughtful in their lyricism. Again, an interesting performance in a very diverse, noisy, and fun bill.

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