Vancouver’s Said The Whale Hit the East Coast

Photos courtesy of Cara Smith
Reviewed by Meghan O’Neil

Fredericton’s Goofetroope kicked off the night on Tuesday and brought with them a crowd who waited at the front doors to be let in.

When the doors opened, the night was underway with the trio taking the stage. Despite their involvement with the third annual NB Emerge Festival next weekend and the loyal crowd they brought out Tuesday night, the high-school band has plans to go their separate ways.

Next up was Toronto’s relatively new dream-pop band Alvvays. They released their debut album early this year, produced by Chad VanGaalen. The Calgary-based singer/songwriter/producer is a regular East Coast performer.

Lead singer Molly Rankin’s shoe-gaze style was a good fit to open up the Said The Whale pop-driven set. After a 15 minute break, Said The Whale entered the stage through the side door and the crowd was ecstatic.

Said The Whale opened up their performance at the Charlotte St Arts Centre with their single “Mother” from their new album Hawaii.

A dry event, lead singer Tyler Bancroft mentioned if they had one more day in the city, they’d be headed to Snooty Fox for a Picaroons. They opened their set with new single “Mother” from new album, Hawaii. It’s a catchy tune impossible to stand still to. A good opening.

Said The Whale seemed to favour their 2008 debut full-length album Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia. Not surprising as this was the album which sparked their grassroots following through frequent touring.

Building on their loyal following, the indie-pop group gained radio success with their following two albums, Islands Disappear (2009) and Little Mountain (2012). They followed up their intro with “Loveless” from Little Mountain.

A highlight from the show was drummer Spencer Schoening performance of “Seasons,” the last track from Little Mountain. He took vocals on this song with Jaycelyn Brown on keys. The sound was a big change from the rest of the pop-driven set list and his voice sounded small but clear. Although it wasn’t the most powerful in terms of volume, it was in terms of honestly and emotion. You could hear a pin drop in the crowd.

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