REVIEW: The Belle Comedian’s “Charlotte”

Reviewing by Mario Breau

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Belle Comedians’ very first Bachelorette Auction. We have five lovely songs– I mean, ladies here who will be spending a night out on the town (approximately three and a half minutes in length) with tonight’s lucky winners. Without further ado, let’s introduce our bachelorettes (you may applaud now).

Althea is the sweet girl you feel like you’ve know since you were young, but somehow she manages to keep an element of mystery about her. There is depth to her personality, and she has a bit of a taste for drama. She also enjoys nightly walks, and has a soft spot for a darker kind of alt-country music. Once you meet her, it’ll be hard to get her reverb soaked melodies off your mind.

Rosy is a sensitive and somewhat philosophical young woman. She’s thoughtful, and is searching for a more meaningful existence. As she walks to work with a hopeful bounce in her bass line, she listens to Arcade Fire and considers the grander aspects of life. If you’re looking for something beyond the tiresome and tedious nature of “living in the digital world”, Rosy is the perfect companion for the pursuit of purpose.

Next, we have Margaret­ ­– and boy, has she got attitude. She’s impressive, imposing, and possesses a slow but steady sense of determination. She’s also a little intimidating. But if you give her a chance, she’ll open up to reveal a whole new side of herself, pulling you into the realm of a vaguely gospel-like chorus of uplifting voices. Maybe, just to toy with you, she’ll play between the two, trying a serious and sexy slow rhythm again. But really, Margaret is just a little shy, and longs to connect with others.

Bess is a robust character, she won’t hesitate to share her thoughts with her firm, steady, and, when adequately roused, pounding voice. But despite her natural strength in hard hitting choruses and with foundations of organ, Bess is looking for something to hold onto. Everyone needs a rock to lean on from time to time, until they can stand tall again on their own.

And last but certainly not least, Louise. This young lady is small and fragile, but has a big, though often heavy heart. She’s honest, earnest and lives a simple life with her acoustic guitar and soft voice, but you’ll have difficulty trusting her. The calm and comforting nature she bears will somehow turn you away, leaving her with no way through your walls of silence. Sometimes it’ll feels like Louise brings you down. Maybe you know she’s too good for you.

Before we begin bidding for our first bachelorette, we would like to remind you that our hosts, The Belle Comedians, will soon be releasing their latest EP, Charlotte. This record encapsulates these five glorious gals, and it’s due for release on the 11th of November. Be sure to check it out!

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