WITCH HUNT – Shifty Bits Circus

Plot: Motherhood has decided to give away 9 free passes to the Shifty Bits Circus (June 8th – 10th, 2012, at Gallery Connexion). These passes have a $20 value, and entitle the bearer to three days of music, comedy, film, art, Motherhood’s EP, The Waking Night’s EP, party and more party.

Plot twist: These passes are hidden in Fredericton hotspots (and maybe Halifax too), and it is your responsibility to hunt for them. They are being hidden as you read, and will be available for hunting TOMORROW, MAY 22ND, 2012. Motherhood will be releasing hints as to the whereabouts of said passes on their tumblr page (www.motherhoodmusic.tumblr.com). Finders keepers!

The front looks something like this:

And the back looks something like this:

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