Local Filmmaker Launches Campaign for New Film ‘POP’

Local filmmaker and UNB Media Artist in Residence Ryan O’Toole is on the way to his next film ‘POP.’ O’Toole’s launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds towards the project.

Columbus Avenue Pictures presents a short film about an up-and-coming pop singer, played by Fredericton’s Emily Bosse, and her more acclaimed and edgier younger brother, played by Seger Dow. When the younger brother returns home for a show, the pop singer suffers an identity crisis and worries about her next career step.

The film is written and directed by O’Toole, produced by Jillian Acreman and Jesse Anthony takes the role of director of photography. O’Toole said in his kickstarter video that this isn’t a traditional short film.

“….[POP] plays [the themes] out in a very cinematic stylish fashion with little dialogue to lead it along. It’s not a traditional film, in that it doesn’t necessarily have a beginning, middle and end, but is much more formal and expressive,” said O’Toole.

Check out POP’s kickstarter campaign HERE.





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