Sleeveless Blouses and Summer Dresses: Winterized!

Sabrina Thibodeau, owner of Jailbird Designs and Sales Girl/Buyer at reNeu Boutique, has some insights for current fall/winter fashion trends.

Photos courtesy of Sabrina Thibodeau and all clothes are available at reNeu Boutique! Check out the Boutique’s Free Stuff Sunday on Dec. 1! It’s invite only, so come in and spend at least $5 from now until Nov. 30 to get your invitation (or pay $5 at the door the day of).

1) Not sure what to do with all of your sleeveless collared blouses in winter?

Try layering it under a higher neck chunky sweater for a cozy but classy warm look. You can stay warm and eliminate extra sleeve bulk while wearing a sweater under a jacket.

It looks great if your collar is especially contrasting with the sweater or embellished.

If you’re wearing a long sleeve blouse, try pulling the sleeves out past the sweater sleeves.

fashion 2

fashion 1

2) How to wear your summer dresses in the winter… without freezing.

For me, winter is all about layering. The more, the better (and the warmer). So don’t pack away all of your cute summer dresses just yet! I would recommend keeping all of your darker and more muted dresses out all year round.

Try pairing a short sundress, plain or patterned, under a solid colour heavy knit over top. Full footed fleece lined tights are a winter must have for the girl who likes to dress up.

You can also top off the look with a pair of semi-opaque tights and a warm pair of over-the-knee socks for truly adorable style.

Also, fellow women who like to wear skirts and such in the winter, I highly suggest investing into the American Apparel Winter Legging. Honestly, warmer than most pants.

fashion 3

fashion 4

This winter, I’ll be rocking a pair of Doc Martens mid-rise boot, a classic 3/4 length black jacket with fur trim, and basically all of the looks you read about above.

Keep it classy, and don’t forget to check out Free Stuff Sunday. You’ll never know what you can find to make your own.

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