Not Your Average Holiday Playlists w. SpineSplitter Bassist and VJ Jonah Hache

In honour of all the snow on the ground, Fredericton Locals has asked Shawn Smith of SpineSplitter and Moncton VJ Jonah Hache what their holiday playlists look like. Take a look and don’t worry, they’re not your average Christmas tunes.

(click on the name of the tune for a listen)

Shawn Smith’s (SpineSplitter) top 10:
1. “At The Heart of Winter“ - Immortal
2. “Bomber“ - Motörhead
3. “Odolatrine“ - Ghost
4. “Devoid of Redemption“- Pallbearer
5. “We All Rage In Gold“- Neurosis
6. “Your Hear Warming Story Makes Me Sick“- KENmode
7. “20 Buck Spin“- Pentagram
8. “Attrition“- Howl
9. “Mr. Perfect“- GWAR
10. “13 Candles“- Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

** Catch Shawn Smith at the Capital Dec. 23 for the Christmas Cover Show! He’ll be on stage with SpineSplitter covering Immortal after opening the show with Hard Charger covering Motorhead.

Jonah Hache’s (music/art/events/projects) top 10:
1: “White Light Of” – Do Make Say Think
2. “Like Spinning Plates (Live piano version)“- Radiohead
3. “Feel it Around” – Washed Out
4. “Fool Around” – American Analog Set
5. “Ballade 4 part 2” – Glover Gill (Waking Life Soundtrack)
6. “You Never Can Tell” – Chuck Berry
7. “Stars and Sons” – Broken Social Scene
8. “Go It Alone” – Beck
9. “Do You Realize” – The Flaming Lips
10. “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left” – Andrew Bird

*** Tune in HERE today (Dec. 10) at 11:30pm to listen to Taco Supreme and Jonah Hache live off the floor from Studiograph in Moncton.

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