Blossom, Don’t Burst

Local musician Tate LeJeune wants to revitalize the all ages scene

Local musician Tate LeJeune wants to revitalize the all ages scene

Tate LeJeune is looking for a change in the Fredericton all ages arts scene.

He created ‘Blossom, Don’t Burst’ as a way to revitalize the community. It will be a one day event open to all artists (visual, musicians, dance, film, poetry, etc) under 20 years old.

LeJeune is the synth player for Fredericton local alt-jam/rock trio Goofetroope. A local musician himself, LeJeune noticed a lack of opportunity for creative youth to have their work seen by the public.

LeJeune gave FredLocals some insight into the issues he notices details around ‘Blossom, Don’t Burst.’

Deadline to apply is Jan. 24
Only original work is accepted.
To apply, send a one-paragraph description of your work and (if possible) a sample of your art to Tate LeJeune:
Event will be held Feb 8 (location: TBD)
For more information, click HERE.

Q. How did ‘Blossom, Don’t Burst’ begin?

A. In Mrs. Prescott’s English 111 class at FHS, we were asked to complete a Social Action Project. It could be anything at all, as long as it is creative and it attempts to provoke social change.

One local issue that has always frustrated me is the fact that Fredericton has a wonderful artistic community, but our youth seem to lack representation. Through this lack of support comes a loss of creative will. To support and encourage youth creativity, I decided to organize an open-ended “art event”, where Fredericton artists under 20 can perform or display their works for an audience.

Q. Do you find there are enough outlets for young people in this city to show their work?

A. For outlets for bands, there are all-ages shows that happen maybe twice a month. For visual artists, there is the occasional gallery showing that accepts them. For young filmmakers, there’s the 48 Hour Film Festival and one or two showcases at SWFF.

Aside from these, young Fredericton artists have several opportunities online. However, my concern is that the options inside the city are far too limited, for young creators and for young audience members.

Q. Has this discouraged you from being creative at all?

A. This has personally discouraged me once or twice. As an experimental musician, I have often questioned whether I should pursue my latest project, Union Suit, with the lack of all-ages experimental shows in the city.

Of course, this hasn’t entirely stopped me from making music, but it has made me question whether to make it available or to continue pursuing a sound. I have other friends who seem to feel the same.

Q. How do you hope this event will change the scene?

A. My greatest hope is that it affirms to young local artists that there is a place for them. Our youth are in a bit of a creative rut, perpetually thinking of great ideas but never fulfilling them; hopefully this event will push them out of the rut.

Less realistically, I would love “Blossom, Don’t Burst” to increase our amount of events for youth and allow them more slots in typical local events. This could include more all-ages concerts, more exhibitions of young visual artists, more film screenings, etc. Fredericton has such a vibrant and ever-shifting scene, but all I wish for is a bit more diversity.

Q. What is the biggest reason why you think there aren’t more events showcasing all ages art?

A. There are a few reasons, and I don’t think that one is bigger than the rest. One could be the cycle that eliminates creative will, as I previously mentioned. Youth do not see other youth being represented, so they assume that they cannot be represented.

Another could be a lack of venues/galleries. We have several spaces, but they are either consistently booked or they cost too much money for youth to rent and use. There are other financial issues that face the people who book these events. For example, tickets to all-ages concerts usually undersell, not because people don’t like music, but because people don’t have the time or the will to attend.The list must go on, but a reason that I am organizing this event is to identify why there is such a lack of all-ages art events.

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