The Circus is Over

By: Penelope Stevens with Brydon Crain

This will be quick, but Motherhood has a few things to say.

 A lot of things happened that we don’t understand. Smashed TVs, Captain III/Ultra Magnus, surf rock, strobe lights, live tweeting, FFF, and no cops. Most things that happened this weekend we may never understand, actually. The Shifty Bits Circus was just a plan to have a fun party sometime, but it somehow turned into a music festival with real things like artist passes and a crew of volunteers (thanks, everyone that helped [you know who you are]). Motherhood has never organized a music festival before but we’re well-versed in the ways of parties, so maybe that was helpful. Anyway, 



1.    Megan MacKay & Gallery Connexion, especially Karen.

2.    Tynan Dunfield. T-SNAKE, T-SNAKE, T-SNAKE. For those who haven’t noticed, Tynan is the man, and pulled off high-quality recordings for almost every band on the main stage. 

3.    Friends and near-strangers taking care of things for us (Fixed-Cog Hero, photographers and videographers, comics, face-painters, thought police, vendors, blah blah blah, etc.).

4.    Café Loka with incredible breakfasts and so much free coffee. Callie Pinnock with the Bailey’s. Victory Meat Market with the sweet fruit treats. FEELSGOOD and Picaroons with the sweet keg treat and grant support. Everyone who loaned us gear on good faith.

5.    The Ray Finkles and imported bands from exotic lands like Winnipeg, Halifax, Montreal, Sackville, and so on. And all the local bands, of course (some of the best sets you’ve ever played, I think).

6.    Gravity Strike, for keeping their set so secret that some were still asking about the secret band as they were sound-checking.

7.    Everyone who stepped into a shifty mentality for the weekend. People were so pleasant and agreeable, and everybody was willing to lend hands in a handless place. Nothing was stolen, broken, or defaced. Nobody said anything mean or negative all weekend. All smiles were as big as at FollyFest 2011. Without you all coming to support the bands and smile, this weekend would have been no good. So, thanks.

 PENELOPE’S FAVOURITE MEMORENELOPES (I’m really scrounging for a rhyme here):

1.    FFF. That was a totally impromptu set, and yet somehow they managed to convince a lot of people that they were the secret band. And they brought a juggalo?

2.    So much support from the rest of the local music scene, especially the Forward crew. 

3.    Quaker Parents. Jon McKiel and Baby Eagle. I think really highly of you.

4.    After-hours celebrations. Nathan (the wine guy) and the Aberdeen tenants, thanks. 

5.    Spontaneous things like poetry readings, cuddle puddles, growler necklaces, and incredible homemade meals by the Ray Finkles. 



 1.    So many bucks.

2.    Cap III and the hip hop sets in general.

3.    David R. being quiet and intimate at Loka Saturday.

4.    Eugene’s keyboard.

5.    Baby Eagle swoopin’ in.

6.    Late night tunes with Year of Rad.

7.    The loudest perfect weekend ender set by Gravity Strike.

8.    Everything.



As far as finances go, we ought to be transparent with everyone that supported the cause. We broke even, almost to the cent! Our final profit was two pennies that I found under my bum during clean-up. Those two pennies will be set aside for another event like this one. Anyway, that’s our two cents. Thanks, guys. 


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