Interview: Frederictonlocals’ Cedric Noel Talks to David R. Elliott







After recently putting out another solid album, Saint John/Fredericton singer-songwriter David R. Elliott is on yet another tour. Frederictonlocals’ Cedric Noel caught up with him to see what he’s been up to, what the public response was to his latest album Sam Hill and what’s next for this ubber-talented musician.

What is the reason for this tour?

I wanted to go out again this fall because the fall is the best time to tour, school is back in and the students are back in the towns I touched down in all summer. So I’m hoping there will be a good turnout this time around. On top of that I got lots of copies of Sam Hill that I’d like to unload on the way to go into the studio in Halifax.

What has been the reception of your new album?

Good, so far. It got a really good review on a blog in Toronto, and as far as the people I know and respect are concerned it’s gone over very well. I’m sort of sick of it now, and kind of focused on the next album, but I’m glad people are into it.

What was the inspiration for your new album?

Sam Hill was me kind of having fun with layering and noise and sonic ideas and just being in my apartment fucking around, listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson, Bikini Kill and Grimes, that Father John Misty album and Adam Mowery’s latest LP, those things kind of pointed my brand of alt-country in the direction of Sam Hill, which is why it’s kind of weird. The next record is gonna be a lot more old school, very raw, not at all digital and mostly live, sort of the opposite side of the coin, which is appropriate because it has more to do with my live show.

You just put out a EP of covers. Why?

I really wanted to. I’ve been planning to record with Corey Bonnevie (the dude who produced it) for a while now, he got his hands on a reel-to-reel this summer and we’ve talking about working together, and I just wanted to put down some covers that I play live a lot, and I wanted to do something with tape, and I wanted to treat ‘Friends in Low Places’ the way it deserves. Garth Brooks fucking blew it as far as the mood and theme of that song goes, and I wanted to bring it down to just the lyrics and the chords and let it be what it is. That songs awesome. And I wanted to give something away for free cause I feel bad that you have to pay to have Sam Hill.

You seem to constantly be putting out records, what is your secret for being so prolific?

I think people are generally a lot more impressed by that than I am. I mean the other thing I do is work in kitchens, if i can put in 60 or more hours a week in a kitchen last year, then I should be able to do the same with music. If I’m not on the road I don’t really think i have an excuse to not be making music. I’m a songwriter, that’s my trade, I should be doing it all the time and constantly getting better at it. i wok hard at it and i respect it as an art form, so i put out a lot of stuff because now that I’ve been doing it for a while I generally dig the stuff I make. I’m in a groove now that I’ve been doing it for almost a decade.

What is your next move after the tour?

The tour ends in Halifax, where I’m making a new record produced by Mike Trask, who’s an awesome singer-songwriter in a bluesier vein, who’s based in Halifax. We’re going into echo chamber to record for a week, and I’m playing a few shows there. after that I’m hoping to make it down to Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland. That’s the plan anyway.

Check out Elliott Sept. 6 (tonight) at Cafe Loka. Motherhood’s Brydon Crain will be opening up the show. It’ll be $4 to get in. The show starts at 7pm.

ALSO: Be sure to check out Elliot’s new album Sam Hill below.

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