Oh No, Theodore! Release Single, Are Just Fucking With You

Well, they got louder. And that giant, soaring string melody is doing them some major favours in the hooks department. And frontman Jeremy McLaughlin sounds more confident and gritty than I’m used to. And and and…

Oh wait, you maybe want to listen to the track? Ok, go do that real quick.

Ok, so ON,T! is just letting you know they have a new album coming out soon and they thought they’d take a huge track, slap you around with it, and still have the audacity to call the track “Sleek and Slender”. Those assholes.

This is an especially refreshing track from one of Fredericton’s hardest working bands. You can hear the growth. There’s a better focus on dynamics, hooks, and tight songwriting that shows the six-piece know how to bow out before things get awkward. If they were underachieving before and still managed to impress, this toned and limber effort (oh, ha… thus the title?) looks very promising.

- Mike Nason -

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