Review: Backward Music Releases Vol. 1

By: Cedric Noel


Fredericton/Halifax’s record label Forward Music Group has got even cooler folks! They now have a ubber indie alter-ego label, named none other than… Backward Music naturally. They recently put out their first release, and boy is it any interesting one. They describe themselves as “a heavily-curated label based in Atlantic Canada and focusing on giving a voice to the highest calibre creative and innovative music outside of the mainstream and doing so with a careful focus on presentation and aesthetic.”

The first volume of releases features three equally musically apt talents; New York’s Bing and Ruth, Nova Scotia’s Joshua Van Tassel and Burnley, England/ Halifax’s Tim Crabtree (better known as Paper Beat Scissors).

This release is about pure artistic expression without any inhibitions what so ever. The quality is there and the stellar production level is definitely there as well. These are eight instrumental tracks for a quiet rainy, snowy or even sunny days. The songs are made to be listened to intently rather than just skimmed through. Because as much as the tracks may seem a little over repetitive, you’ll pick up more and more intricacies at each listen. Standout tracks for each artist are Bing and Ruth’s And Then It Rained, Joshua Van Tassel’s Bottom of the Well and Tim Crabtree’s Wish You Were Here.

With that being said tracks like Bing and Ruth’s Rails however soothing it may be, could perhaps stand to be cut down to seven or six minutes, because at practically eight minutes you do get the feeling that it does drag on for a bit too long. However! That is the only substantial negative criticism I’m willing to dish out, because frankly it is a pleasure to hear some oddly structured tunes, with no motive other than artistic expression and challenging the listener.


Check out Backwards Music’s Vol. 1 below. Enjoy!


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