Fredericton Locals Talks To Shivering Songs Organizer Kyle Cunjak

The Olympic Symphonium guys are back it again folks! Bringing in some stellar artistic talent for their now third annual Shivering Songs festival. Curated by the band, along with some help from some familiar faces, these dudes have produced a line-up you don’t wan to miss out on. This year’s event will feature acts such as Sarah Harmer, Jian Ghomenshi, the Sadies and many more. I had a chance to ask one of the band’s members, Kyle Cunjak a few questions about the festival, and being the gracious guy he is, he answered them. Here’s what he had to say.

Could you briefly describe what Shivering Songs is and how it got started?

It is a folk festival curated by The Olympic Symphonium and was started as an alternative to a regular album release performance in 2010.

In only a few years the festival has grown perhaps quicker than most had anticipated, what do you attribute the festival’s success to?

Working with some great folks outside the band, Zach Atkinson and Brendan MaGee, really helped move forward pretty quickly. Our combined knowledge and years of promoting music made it easy to skip some of the growing pains.

Jian Ghomenshi, one of your headliners and arguably biggest name at the festival this year won’t be performing music. What was the idea behind this choice?

We have a strong focus on literary content in our festival and have presented David Adams Richards and Grant Lawrence in years past. We also try to invite someone from the CBC out each year. With Jian’s debut book on the shelves and obvious media presence he was a good fit for both shoes.

Anything new or different about the festival from the previous years?

We’ve added a Saturday evening show at the market this year with The Sadies and Backyard Devils.

What acts are you most looking forward to checking out?

I’m going to try and see as much as I can. The best part about curating a festival is that all the acts we program are ones we love and want to see. The flip-side of that is that I realistically can’t see everything on top of helping run the ship.

The Olympic Symphonium have also announced they will be performing at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery on Thursday night at 8pm to open up the weekend’s festivities. It’s free so you have no reason not go and check it out!

Visit the Shivering Songs website for more information.

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