Review: Heat and Lights – Where in the World EP

I’ve seen Tim Walker perform as Heat and Lights countless times. His solid songwriting and tremendous voice — both of which you are likely familiar with from his work with Grand Theft Bus — have always translated well to the one-man show. He’s charming and easy going. His songs are relatable and usually pretty light-hearted. Fella can write a hook, that’s for sure.

Tim has also been playing as Heat and Lights with a (familiar) full band for a while now, and this EP release showcases his songs through super tight arrangements, cozy harmonies (Nick Cobham is a harmony machine), and delicious tones. It’s twenty-two minutes of lazy Sunday morning listening. You sip a coffee to it and smile at Dennis Goodwin’s cheeky lap steel playing. It’s the musical equivalent of a sunrise. It’s some other hyperbolic statement about how Brad Perry’s Fender Rhodes tone is more filling than whatever you had for breakfast, probably. Also, Andrew Butler’s drumming is perfectly restrained and consistently props up the album’s light groove.

So, I guess I’m saying it’s a pretty good little EP. From the circus toned intro of “All I Want Is A Dance” to the delightfully catchy chorus of “A Part You Can’t Play”, these six tracks are a collection of friendly pop gems. You can do a lot worse for just a few dollars, I suspect. It’s less than a dollar a song. If you consider the savings per head-bob or toe-tap, it’s sort of a no-brainer. All Tim really wants is World Domination (and a Dance), anyway. Is that so much to ask?

No. No it isn’t.

The album comes out on June 4th. You can pre-order a digital or physical copy on bandcamp. You might as well just do it. I mean, if you want to. I’m not your dad.

- Mike Nason

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