Making time for Heat and Lights

It’s hard to imagine Tim Walker, or any of the Heat and Lights band, in the studio recording for yet another band.

“[Band members are so busy] to the point of almost impossible to book shows for this band, which I knew going into it, but it was super easy to approach them and they all basically agreed,” said Walker.

“I knew exactly who I wanted to play what on the album, and they came though and I’m happy with that.”

Fredericton’s Heat and Lights is a collaboration of local artists who frequently share the stage. Together they make up several bands and lend their talents when needed.

Walker and Brad Perry are also members of Gravity Strike and Grand Theft Bus. Andrew Butler plays for All of Green, and Nick Cobham for Olympic Symphonium. Dennis Goodwin splits his time between both Grand Theft Bus and Olympic Symphonium.

The missing piece is Walkers brother and fellow Grand Theft Bus bandmate Graeme Walker, but their schedules didn’t mesh.

It’s hard to imagine there’d be still a place for Heat and Lights in the midst of all these acts and shared artists. But, this collection of talent has produced yet another original sound.

The band recently released their EP Where In The World, a collection of six folk tunes which are catchy and easy to listen to. The harmonies behind Walker’s voice give the tracks a full sound.

The recording process happened organically when Walker said he’d record a few of his songs in a friend’s new studio space.

“Chris MacLean [from Fredericton’s On Vinyl] wanted to record something to learn his new studio set-up and knew I had some songs,” said Walker.

Walker headed into MacLean’s studio with just his acoustic guitar and some tunes which didn’t quite fit with his other bands.

“We kind of built it around that skeleton. It was really casual. Done over three months in the evenings when people had the opportunity to get in there. The guys all wrote their own parts with very little direction. They knew exactly what they were doing,” said Walker. “I lean on them a lot.”

CBC’s Bob Mersereau recently reviewed the Where In The World EP and dubbed the band a ‘Fredericton super-group.’ When asked for Walker’s reaction, he said “humor.”

“…Because you hear that term thrown around, but it’s cool I mean obviously he recognizes the guys in the band from Force Fields [Goodwin and Cobham] and Olympic Symphonium, and he knows all the guys so it’s flattering.”

Heat and Lights release their EP ‘Where In The World’ June 7at Cedar Tree Cafe.
Show starts at 8pm with opener Fredericton’s Josh Bravener.
There’s no cover, but donations are accepted. 
Where In The World is available at the show and can be streamed here.

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